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The Limitless AF Club is a private online members club and learning space to help you love your alcohol-free adventure. Andy Ramage, one of the world’s leading AF experts, and his wonderful team of coaches, who have all trained with Andy, have created an alcohol-free learning space and community that is world-class.

The learning you will receive is world-class and the community even better! Plus the support, caring, sharing and inspiration will transform your alcohol-free journey.

It does not matter if you’re curious about alcohol-free, have blipped a million times, in the early days or 365-days+. The Limitless AF Club is your community. A place where everyone gets you and is there to support you on your greatest adventure. 

This picture was me before I discovered what amazing things can happen when you take a break from Alcohol! 

Our mantra is that there is nothing to ‘give up’ and everything to gain from taking a break and remember – we are all perfectly imperfect. So it’s not about being all super-duper, it’s about showing up no matter what and moving the needle on a daily basis from where you are to where you want to be.

And the Limitless AF Club is way bigger than a brilliant initiative to help you stop drinking, The Limitless AF Club sets the foundation for the person you always wanted to be.

Come and Join Us

Welcome to The Fun Side of the iSLAND

Whether you want to stop for a month, 90-days,  a year, regain control or never drink again this is your space. Andy and the team will be with you EVERY step of the way. And this is just the beginning. So if you want to join in the fun and transform your life and relationship with alcohol in the process then come and join us.

Leader in Self Development

Andy Ramage

My mission in life is to create world-class initiatives to inspire people to transform their relationships with alcohol. Why? Because those attempting to take back control of their drinking are heroes to me and deserve the best learning, communities and inspiration to make it happen.

Having trained hundreds of thousands of people to make this wonderful lifestyle change I know the transformational benefits going alcohol-free offers. And it’s not about being perfect, it’s about showing up, and I will show up for you every day to support you, along with our amazing team and community. The Limitless AF Club is like alcohol-free rocket fuel.


Who is the limitless club for?

If you want extra support and motivation from a group that totally get you.

If you’re blipping and slipping and need extra accountability and a safe space.

If you want to get fit again.

If you want more time and confidence.

If sick and tired of feeling sick and tired.

If you feel there is more to this short and precious life.

If you are curious about the benefits of taking a break from alcohol.

If you want the best alcohol-free learning.

If you want to train with arguably one of the world’s no1 coaches.

If you want to use a break from alcohol to transform your life.

If you’re struggling and feel like you need the extra support.

Finally, if you want to be happier and regain your trust in yourself!

Is it right for you?

Who is the limitless club not for?

The Limitless AF Club is not a recovery programme or replacement. If you feel that your drinking has reached levels that might indicate a physical dependency then please seek medical advice. Alcohol withdrawal, although very rare, can be lethal. And to be very clear The Limitless AF Club is all about prevention it is not a recovery programme or designed to help those with a physical dependency on alcohol. Check out for some great resources.

The Good Stuff

Here’s what you get when you join The Limitless AF Club:

Daily accountability

A private group that’s NOT on Facebook

LIVE zoom coaching

with one of the worlds best AF coaches Andy Ramage

LIVE zooms with our expert coaches

who are all trained by Andy

World-class AF Learning

With Andy & the team

Invitations to special Events

bringing the online, offline.

OUR Community

The most AMAZING community!!

Invest in You

Your Investment

For just £20 per month, you get all the wonderful benefits above.

The Alcohol-Free Club is one of the few clubs you can join that actually helps you save money. Think about how much money and time has been wasted on alcohol and all the knock-on associated costs. When you take a break you instantly start to save money. And we have set up The Limitless AF Club so it’s less than the price of a round of drinks and a packet of peanuts per month!

More of the Good Stuff!

But wait it gets even better...

Below are some bonuses and a guarantee to help you make a great decision and wait until you see the BIG BONUSES!

To help you make a great choice, Andy will guarantee the first month. If at any point within 30 days of signing up you realise The Limitless AF Club is not for you, all you have to do is drop an email and we will fully refund your first payment. So it’s a free go!

Access to the body works: While you are in the Limitless AF Club you will also gain access to the online LIVE body works classes that Andy runs in his self-development groups including Zumba, Yoga & Pilates.

Monthly special guest speakers to motivate and inspire you: Andy will invite some of the brightest minds in the alcohol-free space to train you in our monthly workshops.

Member discounts on Andy’s courses: When you’re ready to take your alcohol-free adventure to the next level and train with Andy on his self-development courses you will now receive a discount.

More of the Good Stuff!



Andy will host a LIVE accountability call into our private Limitless AF Club community most days (he takes tech-free Sundays off).

So virtually every day Andy will show up for you LIVE to hold you accountable to your alcohol-free adventure!

All this for less than a round of drinks, just £20 per month.

What Are You Waiting For? Sign Up Today

So Why Should I Join?


The real benefits of The Limitless AF Club are not the amazing community, world-class learning and support from Andy & the team. The real benefits of taking a break from alcohol are that you will learn to trust yourself again!

You will re-discover and learn to like your authentic self. You will find more time, energy, joy and happiness while building up your confidence again. And your alcohol-free experience will send you on your next great adventure of self-development to find your Arete, which is an ancient Greek word that means to discover your full potential, find meaning and unleash your excellence!

Right now you might be feeling some fear, but with everything guaranteed you cannot lose, so embrace the fear and take action. Let your mind, body and alcohol know that you are back in charge!

Let your mind, body and alcohol know that you are back in charge!

Lets Review Our Service

So...A Summary of what you get

Daily accountability posts into our private group that’s NOT on Facebook

Full guarantee the first thirty days

LIVE zoom coaching with one of the worlds best AF coaches Andy Ramage

The most AMAZING community!!

LIVE zooms with our expert coaches, who are all trained by Andy

Invitations to in-person meetups, bringing the online, offline.

World-class AF insights and learning from Andy & the team

Access to 5 days of LIVE body works

Member discounts on Andy’s courses

Monthly special guest speakers to motivate and inspire you

Train LIVE with Andy virtually every single day!

Regular emails into your inbox to inspire you


Still Not Sure? THEN Watch my TedTalk

Learn why taking a break from Alcohol can transform your life beyond belief!