Obama’s Gonna GET YOU!

A few days ago I was driving my 4 year old daughter around in the car, and she was doing what 4 year olds do when they’re tired and hungry, whining and being pretty disrespectful. Trying to find the humor in the situation, I turned to her and said, “If you don’t stop acting like that, Barack Obama is gonna get you!”

She screamed at the top of her lungs and was totally inconsolable for at least 15 minutes.  I felt like a horrible father, and apologized over and over and told her I was only kidding.

Later on, I discovered that she had overheard my wife explaining to someone that Obama voted against having a doctor present to save the baby if it happened to survive a late term abortion, saying, “So Obama wants to kill babies AFTER they’re born too!”  My 4 year old became very concerned that Obama was going to come get our 11 month old baby, and my wife had to explain to her that Obama wasn’t going to mess with us.  But when I said he was going to get her, she totally flipped out…and with good reason.  Boogeyman, you gotta make way…there’s a new nightmare in town.

Out of the mouth of babes . . . huh?

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Election Day!!!

Well, today is the day all the hullabaloo comes to an end and we find out who our next antichrist President is.  I recently predicted a win for Obama, and I’m standing by that.  Bush has been pretty bad, and McCain won’t be any better, let’s face it.  Not that Obama will…he’ll probably be worse than McCain, but most Americans don’t have the two brain cells to rub together that it would take to arrive at that conclusion.  They’ve been so lobotomized by the media that they think any change is good change, and Obama is the Messiah.  Ho-hum.  I’m glad I trust in God as my provider, and not our nation, or economy…otherwise, I’d be royally screwed…like the rest of America.

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Obama say Wha?

Perhaps you’ve already seen this clip, but I just had to share it.  Obama makes a startling revelation, via a slip of the tongue.  I won’t spoil it for you.  Go to about 1:20 and just watch and see the truth:


Why I would vote for Hillary Clinton

I’m a republican, a real one, not a McCain, Bush, Cheney, et al neo-con republican. I’m conservative. I would vote for Hillary Clinton over John McCain, and after this recent comment, I’d vote for Hillary Clinton over many other candidates too.
I firmly believe that the willingness of our leadership to back Israel is one of the most important topics we need to discern before an election. God said he would bless those who bless Israel, and curse those who curse Israel. This is the kind of backbone I want in a leader. Obama is a pansifist (hat tip to Miss O’hara for that word) of the highest degree, and far to weak and ideological to be the President during this stressful time. We are being held hostage at the pumps by middle-Eastern countries with questionable ties to terrorism. We have to know where we draw the line, how far OPEC can push us. I think Sen. Clinton knows that line, after reading that she will NUKE Iran if they attack Israel. Bravo, Mrs. Clinton. We disagree on many things, but you won me over on what matters most.