Ubuntu 8.04 Coming Soon!

I’m not a fan of Microsoft. I loved my old Apple Powerbook, but got rid of it awhile back, and hope to get a new Apple MacBook Pro some day soon. In the meantime, though, I’ve fallen in love with Ubuntu. I’ve played with Linux distros for 5 or 6 years now, and Ubuntu is the first I’ve seen that truly gives that polished, pretty, Consumer GUI feel that Mac or Windows does.
And I’m geeking out over the new version of Ubuntu being released in just 3 short days! I’ve been playing with creating my own LAMP server for several months for hosting this very blog, and even wrote about it at my blog’s old homepage (which is, by the way, where you can read my older stuff). Although I haven’t found the time or the patience to learn how to finish my setup, I plan to one day. 🙂
Even if you think Windows is the best thing in the world, I strongly encourage you to give Ubuntu 8.04 a try. This is first linux brand that I heartily recommend to non-ubergeeks. Even my wife uses Ubuntu with great ease. It’s secure, stable, and FREE! You can’t beat free, in my experience.