About Me

I’ve been blogging for 4 years, off and on. I quit for awhile when I got married, and had a long commute to work, since it just didn’t fit into my life anymore.  Soon afterward, we went through quite a few trying situations, and I just didn’t feel that I had anything of any value to offer the world, so what would I say if I did blog?

As God began revealing my own short-comings, and allowing me to move past that and be restored, I realized that I do have a lot to say. . . about my own experiences in going through some very trying times, and in trusting and living for God.  Hopefully, someone else going through the same things as me can see that there is always hope.  God is never limited by our circumstances, and is certainly able to take even the darkest of of situations and turn them around.

I’m married to the most amazing and Godly lady I’ve ever met, and my best friend for most of my life.  I have two adorable children, which you might see occasional pictures of on MySpace or Facebook.  And I generally enjoy my life.  I have a great job as the Marketing Director of a skin care products manufacturer, and get to dabble in Web 2.0 marketing, and online ad ideas as much as I want.

About TheLimitless.com

I was a youth pastor several years ago, and we named our youth ministry “Limitless Youth Ministries.”  Our central theme was teaching young people how to take the limits off God that we place on him through our lack of faith, or preconceived ideas.  With God anything is possible.  When my time there came to a close, I kept the domain, thinking that there may be some use for it in the future.  When I started up a blog, it was a natural first stop.  The Limitless title, and concept, was something near to my heart, and I wrote quite a bit about just that: getting rid of our religious and ideological preconceptions of God and his place in ours lives, and seeking him with no limits placed on him, or your relationship with him.

The Limitless.com has gone through several revisions, moving from a hosted blog, to free and temporary homes at Live Spaces, and most recently Blogger.com.  Its relaunch at Live Spaces was titled “The Limitless: Jonah’s Journey,” and was updated infrequently, mostly centering on a time in my life when I felt like I was reassessing where I believed God wanted me to be.  It was retitled simply “Call Me Jonah” for a short while, and upon moving to blogger, was left with the title, “The Limitless: Here in Ninevah.”  As I felt like I had truly found God will for my life for the first time in years, I looked for a fresh start to writing at blogger.com.  The Limitless domain had been largely unused at Live Spaces due to technical reasons, and was revived for Blogger’s services.  The “Jonah” theme was dropped, and the site operated under “The Limitless: Comeback” for quite sometime, and finally returned to simply, “The Limitless,” in early 2008.

I’ve recently begun development on a business website, and run my current companies online marketing, including their Blog.  So writing and web development is something I live and breathe, it seems.  Look for some exciting new features here, that will bleed over into the new website I’m developing in the future!

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