My Big Deal about “the gays,” and why I’m much less tolerant now

I feel that, as a rule, I’ve always been pretty open to people of all types and backgrounds.  I’ve found it relatively easy to separate what I perceive to be “sin” from the person whom I perceive to be “sinning.”  While most Christians walk around making disgusted faces and talking bad about gay people, I’ve always been one to be welcoming to them.  While I do believe homosexuality is a sin, don’t get me wrong, I don’t find it to be any more heinous a sin than any sex outside a God-sanctioned marriage . . . something too many churches these days turn a blind eye to.  I’ve always believed if we’re going to allow couples who are clearly in sin, living together out of wedlock, or worse, while married to someone else, to come to churches, and be accepted and loved, and helped…then homosexual couples should be offered the same acceptance.  As Christians, OUR responsibility is to not allow acceptance of the people to equate to acceptance of sin, something that Rick Warren and Joel Osteen have sadly gotten all screwed up.  We should bring people to Jesus first and love and nurture and support them in their new life as the Holy Spirit weeds out sinfulness and unholiness from their lives…something that I believe would happen, even in homosexuals, if “Christians” would allow the process to work in them, the same as they would for anyone else.  “Oh!  But they’re born that way!” you say…of course they are.  We’re all born sinners…it’s in our nature.  We’re born with an innate and unquenchable desire to sin.  The attractiveness of different sins are different for everyone…but it’s something we all have in common.  Without Jesus (not religious teaching, or bible studies…or church membership…) setting us free…we’re all hopelessly chained to our sin, and unable to be free from it.  And secondly, we’re all tempted in all areas, at some point in life.  Different things “stick” for different people…but everyone experiences the same things.  The Bible says that “No temptation has befallen you, except what is common to all men.”  So…there you go.  I often wonder if the same “Christians” who hate the gays so much, may harbor their own illicit temptations that they’re trying to keep at bay.

Anyways… that has always been my feelings toward them . . . until I recently checked Disney’s calendar for the week I picked to take my family on vacation to Disney World.  You guessed it: Gay Days at Disney World.  The one timer per year when the most magical place on Earth is overrun with trannies, queens, queers, and lesbo’s…all showing way more PDA than would be acceptable from any heterosexual couple, and all showing way too much skin.  Disney World turns into a paradise for all manner of sexual perversions…not just your average monogamous gay people…with reports of rampant drunkenness and drug use throughout the week.

Disney does not warn unsuspecting families of this event when they book their reservations after years of saving for a special time for their kids.  No…instead, parents are surprised to have to explain to their 5 year old why that man is dressed as a woman, or why those two men are frenching in front of Cinderella’s Castle.  It’s absurd, and it’s criminal.  No one, I repeat NO ONE, has the right to rob my child of innocence like that.  I don’t want my 5 year old seeing a heterosexual couple being openly physically affectionate…much less a gay couple.  Now I’m not only forced to explain a 5 year-old version of the birds and the bees…now I’m forced to explain all kinds of sexuality to a child who shouldn’t even understand the basic concepts of it.

I don’t have a problem with “the gays” going somewhere (I suggest Vegas) and having an event for themselves.  It’s America…it’s free…you can do what you want.  But I have a giant problem with them coming to the place that children dream of throughout their childhood, and a place that parents take their kids because it’s wholesome, and good, and innocent…and them shoving their agenda and their sexuality down the throats of everyone there.  It makes me totally understand the haters, the bigots, and the extremists.  And while it probably won’t affect how I interact with gays on a daily basis…I feel victimized by the movement, and the event…and it’s certainly sent me throwing my card in with the “bigots” (although they might’ve called me that already…so…no love lost, perhaps).  Great job creating your own enemies, gays.

6 thoughts on “My Big Deal about “the gays,” and why I’m much less tolerant now

  1. 1 Corinthians 5:7 comes to mind in regards to accepting homosexuals in the church. The way my church deals with it and I believe this is general practice with most Baptist churches is that anyone is invited to attend the church and participate in activities. If at some point you wish to become a member, then you typically cannot join if you are living in some type of adulterous situation. This even includes a heterosexual unmarried couple who are living together.This is because member are allowed to do things like volunteer and we do not want people to be in places where they might present a bad example to others.

  2. I agree with you…I wasn’t proposing we “accept” them as members, and allow them to continue a sinful lifestyle, as full members of the church, and hope it all gets worked out. But I am saying they should be very welcome, and should feel loved, the way anyone else needs to be. I mean…if Christians aren’t showing someone love…who will? Ya know? But on your point, we certainly wouldn’t want an a gay person, still living in that sin, to be…teaching a Sunday school class or something.

  3. My views about “gays” are much the same as yours, but do not confuse individuals with the “movement” anymore than you confuse the people with the sin. Just as everyone is different, every gay person is different. There are those who are blatant about their sin, but for every individual living, blatantly and intentionally in sin, I believe their is one who is confused and uncomfortable with their lifestyle, and worst, they don’t even know why! As a mother of four children under eleven, I feel your pain. Unfortunately, our society seems to be getting an “anything goes” mentality. We have to be extremely careful with our children now. It is hard to turn on network TV and not find something objectionable

  4. Disney is the one that made the day and put it on the calendar. I don’t know why you’re mad at gay people. Try to be rational – you have an entire paragraph telling how Disney doesn’t warn families, you have another paragraph explaining how they (Disney) created this day and put it on the calendar.

    You are mad at the day / event, and instead of getting mad at Disney, who you explained as the entity that created the day / event, you elect to get mad at an entire group of people that are simply participating.

    And you end with “Great job creating your own enemies, gays.” I guess Disney does a great job inspiring you to hate – maybe it’s not as “wholesome, and good, and innocent” as you thought.

  5. John,
    I’m afraid you didn’t bother to read my post in its entirety. Disney did not “make” or “create” the day or event. Gay Days is organized by private groups and individuals, and while they attend the parks on certain days, they don’t even stay at official Disney World Resorts.
    I see no reason to get mad at Disney – the event isn’t even coordinated through them. They can’t bar entrance of the group because it would be a public relations nightmare (although I doubt they desire to stop it anyway).
    And Disney, nor even the gays, have inspired me to hate anyone. I’m angry that, had we not found out about this event, my very young children would’ve ended up in the middle of a very adult setting. That is something that both Disney AND the gays should want to avoid.

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