Assembly of God Crack Up: Church Under Siege

From the Author (4/22/09):  The allegations against the Assemblies of God in this article have been retracted.  While my stances put forth in concerning the Seeker Sensitive movement I still believe are true, I was contacted by the Assemblies of God directly and informed that my sources’ allegations were unfounded and untrue.  Please read with this mind.

–Thanks, Casey

In a surprising bit of news, I’m actually bringing you some breaking coverage of a doctrinal change being introduced to the Assemblies of God at the next General Council.  A very reliable source has told me that last year, a motion to remove any reference to “Speaking in Tongues” from the A/G doctrine was narrowly defeated, and is expected to pass this year.  This will effectly De-Pentecostalize America’s largest Pentecostal denomination.  Also up for a vote: A position statement on casual drinking: it’s okay now.

With this latest development, I’m frightened to believe that our enemy’s plan has been exposed . . . perhaps too late.  A little like when the Jedi finally caught on to the Sith’s plans in Episodes 1-3.  The demonic “Seeker Sensitive” doctrine espoused by Joel Osteen, Rick Warren, Mark Driscoll, and many more has been infiltrating our churches for years.  Telling us that we need to make people feel comfortable with “Hippy Jesus” who just really loves you, man.  Black and white, right and wrong – that was soooo 50 years ago.  These days preachers are telling people that most things are okay, and God just wants to love you, and make you healthy and rich.  That’s about it.  You see . . . talking about sin, and Hell, and Satan – that makes people uncomfortable.  And that may make people not want to come back to church – and then we’ll lose tithe money.

I believe what is happening word-wide through the Purpose Driven and Seeker Sensitive movements is this: Any radical, Bible-reading, Holy-living Christian, who isn’t afraid to call out sin, and to teach true repentance and holiness, is being marginalized to the point where they have no voice in the world systems anymore.  The Southern Baptist Convention trotted happily along the 40 days of purpose years ago, and with the Assemblies of God now handing in their papers to embrace the New-Age Hippy Spirituality preached by Osteen and Driscoll, those of us who still believe that Hell is real, and that we are called to turn away from sin, and repent, and be saved by JESUS (yes, I’m still proud to identify with him, even if Osteen is not) are losing our denominations and organizations, one by one, that give us the money and collective voice to help guide our nation.

Dear readers, what you are seeing is the rug being yanked, and the slippery slope towards real religious persecution in the United States of America starting.  Of course it doesn’t look that way now, but when sin runs rampant in the church, God will begin his judgment of America starting in his house first.  We can see the end effect in many churches: Joel Osteen’s included (I don’t mean to just pick on him, but everyone has heard of him) people don’t speak about right and wrong.  And God clearly does, throughout the Bible, speak about right and wrong.  Today the A/G is considering removing Speaking in Tongues, because (According to another source) around 70% of their pastor’s don’t speak in tongues regularly, and because they think it makes people feel “uncomfortable.”  Next, talking about sin makes people feel uncomfortable.  Calling homosexuality wrong makes gay people unhappy, and calling abortion murder makes would-be moms feel guilty.  So let’s do away with all that.  Why not just remove the word “Church” from the sign?  Call it a “Family Life Center?”  Whoops!  Already done that.

Seeing yourself as a sinner is uncomfortable.  Jesus himself said that following him would turn fathers against sons, and brothers against brothers.  This is not a leisurely road we walk, and to preach that it is is against the Bible.  “Narrow is the way, and few there be that find it,” but “broad is the path that leads to destruction.”  What the world needs is an encounter with the real Jesus, not a watered down message that at some point sounds like the Gospel…but not enough to offend a Muslim.  Unfortunately, it seems that to have that experience, we’ll be meeting in homes and private residences sooner, rather than later.

Whether you are A/G or not, and I assume many of you are not, I encourage you to pray for their leaders to make the right decision.  I’m not A/G myself, but I was raised in their churches, and personally believe in each of their 16 Fundamental Truths of their doctrines.  Whether you are Baptist, or Church of God in Christ, or Nazarene, or none of the above, today’s frontline in the war for our churches in happening in Springfield, Missouri at the A/G headquarters.  And the remnant in that denomination need our support, and perhaps our meeting halls, soon enough.

10 thoughts on “Assembly of God Crack Up: Church Under Siege

  1. its sad to see our main denominations slide into “cult” status as they deny the word of God…

    It seems to happen to all the main denominations…

    on a side note, God had to design tickle spots on people on pursoe, think about that when “religion” gets ya down….

  2. Thanks for the comment. I do agree that it’s sad. But there’s no reason to give up hope yet. There is a remnant of people holding true to the scriptures in most main-stream denominations, even ones that are straying further than others. The next few years in evangelical churches will be interesting to watch, to say the least. I have the feeling the face of evangelicalism will be changing.

  3. Wow! I had no idea! Thanks for the great article and the call to prayer. I would love to know what your sources were regarding the allegations.

    1. Bruce – thanks for giving it a read. As the disclaimer at the top states, the General Superintended of the A/G contacted me to shed some light on these allegations, which turned out to be nothing more than rumors on a regional level where I live. Several pastors in the area confirmed it, and were upset enough to want to withdraw their churches from the denomination. However, I suppose the good that came out of this, and why the article is still posted, is that it helped bring out the truth, and allowed the A/G to give a response to their leaders who believed the rumors.

  4. I am persona non grata in the A/G because of my stance on Purpose Driven, Rick Warren, and contemplative spirituality mixed with Emergent practices. They are Pentecostal on paper, while pastors have no trouble at all allowing people to be members (and participants) if they deny the Pentecostal message of Holy Spirit baptism and shacking up. It’s a disgrace, and contemporary A/G ministers are accomplices and apostates.

  5. I like you, Richard Lee.
    The Seeker Sensitive / Rick Warren/ Emergent (etc) teachings are a cancer that is invading the Body of Christ in every denomination. I’m not involved in the A/G so much anymore, but I hear reports of it infesting that denomination as well. I’m glad to find another person holding up a true standard of holiness, and not this greasy-grace garbage.

  6. I left the A/G in good standing for several reasons, the main one was the lack of love and harmony among church members. I wrote a news article of the doctrines that I question such as a church member must speak in tongues before he/she can say that he/she has been baptized by the Holy Spirit. Speaking in tongues is a gift of the Spirit and not all true Christian believers can speak in tongues. The A/G wants to dictate how its members must live. This is going back to the Mosaic law, the very issue that the Apostle Paul fought. Once we become born again, and believe in God, the Son and the Holy Spirit, and we repent of our sins, God will forgive us by GRACE. We must have FAITH plus nothing. The A/G believes that you must have faith PLUS following its Constitution, Bylaws etc. If this is the case, I have bad news for the A/G: according to Paul, if any angel of heaven or any men tells you that you need faith plus the law, we have the right to tell the angel of heaven or anybody who wants to still go back to the Mosaic law to get away; it is the equivalent of saying that Jesus Christ died for nothing. In closing, I am interested to see how many A/G hard core members in position of authority will be able to get a “pass” into heaven. I wait the day when I will be facing my Lord, my Father, my Saviour. To any A/G who still question my comment, please read GALATIANS. No wonder, A/G church members hate to hear pastors preaching about faith, grace and salvation.

  7. Bob…
    …perhaps you left the A/G church before you fully understood the doctrine, or had a particularly “off” church. I know of no A/G churches who claim that you must follow their “by-laws” in order to be saved. The “Gift of Tongues” you’re referring to is different than speaking in tongues, as a physical manifestation of the baptism of the Spirit . . . a prayer language. That is available to all Christians.
    I gather from your comment that your issue with the denomination telling you how to “live your life,” has something to do with a pastor defining sinful lifestyles, or teaching holiness. Grace does not give a license to sin – but gives us access to the faith to be saved and transformed into the image of Christ, daily striving towards perfection. Your criticisms are either ill-founded, or misleadingly self-serving, I think.

  8. I grew up in an AG church. I loved it… Then when i came out as lesbian they told me i was sick, they made me feel like i had something bad inside of me, they made me hate myself. I was isolated from all the other youth like i had a something they could caught. They made me stand in front of the church while they talked about me like some sick freak. So I try to kill myself took enough pills that I was in a coma for 2 weeks and almost die. When I was release from the hospital the next day my mom try to send me to a camp to help me not be gay when I refused to go she kick me out and I was homeless on the streets for almost 2 years. By the grace of a loving and understand God. I found a gay couple who took me in and help me get my GED and go to college. I seen many homeless gay youth, i know of many that kill them self because of things they can not change about themselves. All you church people are liers, you base your hate out of a book of love and you destroy young lives. Now 10 years later I work with homeless youth most of them gay and I teach them that God , he made them just the way they are, that every one is a sinner and god will for give and love all. I also tell them it the church not God that full of hate. I wish I never step foot in a AG church but I am glad I did it taught me so much about what God is not.

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