The Moral Recession of America

Damon Thompson, who is, most notably, a regular preacher at The Ramp, recently spoke at a men’s conference.  An opening point that he made was that our current financial crisis is just a symptom of the moral recession in America.  He went on to say that if we quit killing babies, and promoting the gay agenda, and glorifying all manner of sinful activities, that our financial trouble would turn around.

My immediate thought was, “No…the financial crisis is the result of overspending, pandering, bad debt, greed, and general mismanagement of funds…not just in the Government, but in corporate America as well.”  And then the absolute brilliance of Damon’s words struck me…that all is the result of moral problems.  Greed, shady money dealings, promising all kinds of freebies to people to get a vote, lying, cheating, stealing . . . even irresponsible accumulation of debt:  These are all MORAL problems.

If I decide to buy more than I can pay for, and live a lifestyle of debt and overspending (which I’ve done in the past)…the problem is more than just being financially stupid.  The problem is an intrinsic misunderstanding of what is important.  It’s greedy and lustful, but I want more than I can have.  It’s untrustworthy, and deceitful….and many other bad things because I’m just creating large problems for the future, perhaps insurmountable ones, in order to appear or feel like I’m comfortable now.  It’s gambling, because I’m just lying to myself in saying that I’ll have more money one day to pay for things…which never happens…because I spend it too.  That type of financial lifestyle is a moral problem.

And so to is our country’s financial problem.  Lehman Brothers, AIG, now $700 billion in bailout loans.  And all this money from a government that isn’t even able to pay its own bills…that is going more and more into debt every day without the help of a mega-bailout of the banking system.  This sort of bankrupt (ironic wording, huh?) morality, which exalts our lusts instead of being responsible, that panders to greedy people looking for handouts instead of creating a financial sound free market economy that enables them to create their own wealth, is what is destroying our country.  The same mentality would tell a pregnant woman, “Meh…it’s not a baby yet, because you can’t see it!  It’s just a fetus…you can just have an abortion and go on with your life.”  Or, in the case of Obama, “Oh…well, the baby’s out and alive, but it was supposed to be aborted…let’s just kill it anyway.”

Could it be that our country’s problems can only be solved one way?  Through Revival?  I believe so…because we can see the anemic church is actually becoming more like the world, instead of fighting for change.  If our churches get on fire for God, get passionate about having a relationship with Him, and in seeking the lost and giving them an experience with a God who loves them, and wants to set them free from their past and their sin…then I believe we’ll begin to see a shift in this country back towards prosperity.

***Update:  Listen to Damon Thompson’s message at the Men’s Ramp 08

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  2. AIG debacle has been in the works for a while.
    Imagine you’re praying over being ripped-off by an insurance company. Imagine that you have a unique gift so that God’s voice often sounds audible to you, such that you can write down stuff that you hear word for word. How strange would it sound to be interrupted during your prayer to have God rant about how insurance companies are going to fail and the bigger they are the harder they will fall? Imagine again, that all of this happens years before anyone has heard of the looming financial crisis that is unfolding before our eyes. Well, as amazing as that all sounds it happened to a friend of mine, Timothy, on May 18, 2005 and it is published for anyone who is interested:…Stand_Not_in_Their_Shadow

    “The Giants of This World Will Fall…Stand Not in Their Shadow / Timothy, be wary of things of dishonesty and greed in nature of those in whom you have dealt. Those in whom you have dealt, greed is at the heart of that which they do. Nowhere is help or compassion found.You are a number, a mere sign of your dollar. They will fall and come to nothing. … If I come and remove and destroy all things, which are and lead My people into vanity, what is left?…Your life and your free will to choose, to save it or lose it. Blessed are those, who lose their life in this world for My sake…they have their reward. Woe to those, who lose themselves in this world to keep their life…they are lost. Therefore, out of love, I will remove all obstacles from their path, so they may see Me clearly and run to Me, for I wait with arms open.
    All must crumble, all must be shaken.
    All must be removed, all foundations broken, all must be moved from their places.
    All will be done as it is written, all will be divided.
    All will stand naked before their Creator so they may choose…
    choose life and love, My people!”

    Timothy did not know what to think of this at the time, but recent news has shed light on what he was told back then.

    More recently, this letter has a few more details of the collapse:

  3. @GraceHead, Thanks for the link to that. It just shows that God will show his plans to people who pray. Morris Cerullo actually prophesied back in the late 80’s early 90’s that there was a major economic crisis coming to our country in this decade. He also said that God will raise up people who pray and live by the spirit and place an end-time financial anointing on them, so that we can be a witness to the world…while they are in lack, God is taking care of us. Like Malachi 3, God will cause a discernible difference to come upon the righteous and unGodly. I believe all of this just shows that we’re living in the end times.

  4. So true. Anyone who complains about the national financial situation needs to look at their own level of debt. As those who complain about the lack of world peace should look at the peace quota in their own homes and relationships. The problem, as always, is our human sin nature.

  5. @Jen Yeah, I’ve heard about him saying that also. I assumed that the 9/11 stock market collapse, and high unemployment rate was it. But I believe compared to what’s coming, that’s going to look like a walk in the park!
    @Claudia Agreed. We should always get the plank out of our own eye, before we try to get a speck out of someone else’s. But I really believe that if the church gets right with God, and really gets on fire for him, that we can lead a “Moral Revolution” in America, and see this turn around. Will that happen? Who knows…I suppose it depends on if these are all just precipitating events to the rapture/return of Jesus. In which case, it may just get worse.

  6. Now is the time to pray and be giving to those who need our strenght in hope instead of fear of what tomorrow will bring….I have always had to trust the Lord that I would be able to pay my bills each month…..I lived through the last recession with a sick husband and three small children… got me through… our biggest threat is not the economy, it is keeping Russia off our shores…..this is what the Holy Spirt has been telling me, and my need to pray hard for many will die on both sides on our land.

  7. @Tina – I agree that we should give hope to people instead of fear. However, to deal with a problem we have to take a long honest look at the problem itself, and what we did to contribute to it, before we can move past it. That is what I’m hoping to do here. In doing so, we can share the hope and earnest expectation that we can improve our country’s situation through handling our own money morally and ethically, and demanding our politicians do the same with our government’s finances.
    As far as Russia…I hear Sarah Palin can see it from her house!

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