Non-Mac Macs?

There’s a lot of talk today coming over my Google Sidebar New widget about a (lawsuit waiting to happen) company called Psystar, which I would link to, but I’m hearing that their site is already down. They’ve made a cute little PC, and are installing OS X on it for people, and violating the EULA in the process.
I am a Mac Fanboy. The day I parted with my Powerbook was a very sad day for me, and ever since I’ve been saving up for a new Macbook Pro. I own an iPhone. I use those white apple logo stickers on everything. And this machine is one of the most disturbing things I’ve ever seen.
I suppose the question is, “What makes a Mac a Mac?” Is it just the OS? We’ve been trained to believe by Windows that computers and their components are inconsequential . . . what matters is the Windows OS. But crashes, freezes, slow downs, compatibility errors, dll errors, conflicting IRQ’s, improperly installed video cards, and the slew of drivers that must be manually updated outside of the normal Windows Update process would tell us a different story.
The Mac experience is as much about the beautiful hardware as it is the OS. . . maybe moreso. Oh, I do prefer OSX over Windows any day, but I suppose part of that affection is due to the fact that it rarely crashes, and is much more stable. But I have a sneaking feeling, much of that stability is due to Apple’s control over their components and hardware manufacturing. Either way, I’m going to pass up this freak of nature, and keep salivating over the MacBook.

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