Going Green

As Kermit the Frog once said, "It’s not easy, being green."  But it certainly is better.

logo_greenI’m a closet fan of such programming as HGTV, and home improvement  shows on TLC.  Since becoming a homeowner, I’ve become enamored with improving my house, making it more comfortable and efficient.  Now, I own a turn of the century (last century, not this century) home, and this is sometimes nothing short of a Herculean feat.  We make changes when/where we can.  Like choosing an energy efficient central A/C unit.

The wife and I recently watched HGTV’s Green Home Special, and were inspired.  I’d love to add Solar Panels to my house one day, especially when I get that ginormous tree out of my front yard that rains branches onto my roof.  But we’re attempting to "go green" in the little ways right now.  I must be honest, I have absolutely no idea where to start.  Recycling?  Is this even possible in Crossett, AR?  I know there is a recycling plant about 45 minutes from here, but is for metal and such things.  Plus, taking a bag of plastic bottles and cardboard box 45 minutes in my non-fuel efficient truck probably does more to harm the environment that just throwing said bag and box to wind in the middle of a national park and allowing animals to choke on the contents.

That being said, we are making smarter choices in the meantime as to what we buy to operate our household.  Buying green cleaners with environmentally friendly chemicals, pesticide free cotton clothing, taking reusable fabric bags to the grocery store instead of using disposable paper or plastic bags there, etc.  Our future remodeling / redecorating projects are going to be green as well (green paint FTW!). 

What I’m really looking for is ways to be greener.  We’re starting somewhere, and I’m sure that if everyone did just a little like us, the world would be much better off.  But how do you stay green?  Any ideas for recycling is a small town with no facility?

Also…what do you make of this?  How do you know what green products are actually green?

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