Reconciling my vote with my faith

I have had a hard time with the presidential race, thus far. The man whom I truly believed represented the values and ideals that I hold dear was written off by the media months ago, dooming his campaign. The man that I’m told I should vote for because I’m an evangelical Christian (which seems to be a very unpopular group these days…thanks G. W.) is so liberal on every single topic besides gay marriage and abortion it makes my head spin. And the man I’m left with at this stage of the Republican Primaries is as far from conservative as Michael Moore. What is a Christian, who votes with his conscience as much as his intellect, to do?

Ignoring the futile campaigns of Ron Paul (sad) and Huckabee (why is he still around?), I’m left with three options, as I can see it. I can vote AGAINST McCain, and in doing so vote FOR the democratic candidate. I can vote for McCain, since I am a registered Republican, and hope that the conservative voices of the party move him more in line with what I’m looking for. Or, I can sit at home.

Personally, I’m not seeing a morally clear-cut answer. McCain is for Real ID, taxing the middle class out of existence, continuing to drown our country in a multitude of debt, stem cell research, limiting free speech, surrendering rights to privacy, flinging wide the borders with Mexico, supporting the global warming propoganda machine…basically everything I have eschewed voting for democrats for in the past. On top of all that, he is pretty much George Bush v2.0 Extreme Edition on all the stuff that has made me regret daily ever voting for Bush in the first place. Iraq for 100 more years?! Egad! Did Karl Rove track down Common Sense, find him huddling in a dark alley, shivering and alone, and put a bullet in his head? If so, I have the feeling that he wrestled the Constitution from his cold, dead, hands, brought it back to the White House, and destroyed it in a vile ritual with Bush, McCain, and several other RINO’s.

So, voting my conscience aside, my intellect cannot even wrap its mind around a McCain vote. Ron Paul represents a very ardent group of people. A group that the media cannot ignore forever. I believe that McCain would not just be a bad president, but that he would put the final nail in the coffin (built by Bush) for the conservative movement. And no, I’m not talking the Huckabee, liberal spending, neocon, Jesus-centered conservative movement. I’m talking about the growing unrest with liberal spending, liberal financial policies, etc, etc. The conservative movement with whom Ron Paul’s message resounded so well. Small Government. Low Taxes. Decreased Spending. Neutering the Fed. A reasonable foreign policy. No empire building. No policing the world. Stabilizing the economy so that free markets can work unencumbered. This conservative movement is the antithesis of both the current Republican power-wielders, AND the democratic party. McCain’s lunatic Bush Extreme policies would usher in 30 years of democratic control of the country…during which we would likely lose all ties to true democracy, and become a socialist state.

Speaking of socialism, I don’t believe I can vote my conscience and vote for Hillary, and I’m sure I can’t vote for Obama. Despite the fact that Clinton has a MORE conservative voting history than McCain. But I’m not sure that sitting out an election is a socially or civically responsible thing to do either. It’s our responsibility as Christians to help redeem the world, and be productive and helpful members of society…participating in all our civic duties. This is quite a predicament. What does one do when there really isn’t a lesser of two evils? The evil is equitably distributed amongst the candidates. Who does an evangelical, conservative Christian vote for?

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