November 2008: Hope for America

You all know my thoughts on a John McCain vote . . . they haven’t changed. Michelle Malkin and Rush Limbaugh, among others have brought a little hope to me lately, though.

The Presidential Election is pretty much done, from a conservative viewpoint…but the fight is far from over. The President, himself, has no power to do much of anything (well, besides invading Middle Eastern Countries, it seems). Congress is the true power player…at least the one we should concern ourselves with. There is a new crop of conservative candidates coming into their own in elections around the country. McCain may not represent our viewpoints, but these people do. As Ms. Malkin points out, Obama was just a peon in the state legislature 4 years ago…and today is an increasingly likely Presidential Candidate. Many truely conservative young politicians fit this bill as well.

Take a look at Jingal (I think that’s his name) that recently won the Governor race in Louisiana. Many are calling him the next Ronald Reagan!

So, I am recanting my lamentations that led you to believe I would consider sitting out the vote in November. While I’m still not voting for McCain, there are a TON of people, at state and local levels, that do deserve my vote, and will be getting it. Information on these people are hard to come by sometimes, but I urge you all to look up as much as you can on the candidates in your states, and help mold the government of the future, if not the next 4 years.

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