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Presidential Primary February 5th for Arkansas!

Well, it has been quite some time since I’ve written (and I shall explain about that later), but I felt it necessary to encourage everyone of age to make sure you are registered to vote now.  If you’ve known me long, you have no doubt at some point  grimaced as I bellowed on about our civic duty as Christians to get out and vote for our leaders, and make our voices heard.  To write congressmen…anything we can do to make an influence in government toward better leadership and legislation.  One thing I, myself, have never deemed quite important enough to take part in is primary voting. 

The Arkansas Primary Vote is going to be on February 5th, 2008 (as well as many other states).  This is an incredibly crucial time for us to make our voices, beliefs, and values heard, and to position the right candidate to run for President later next year. 

Ron Paul is a Republican candidate that has been typically overlooked by the media.  In fact, many of you have probably never heard his name.  He’s conservative, against big government, is for securing the borders, lowering and reforming taxes, and allowing us to take advantage of the economic and civil liberties that we are entitled to as citizens.

A candidate touting such ideologies is nothing new, but Ron Paul has the track record to back up his claims.  His nickname in Congress is Dr. No, because he refuses to vote for any measure that is not authorized by the constitution.  What does this mean for us?  This means that the government will stay out of our churches (are you aware that Sen Chuck Grassley is intending to start delving into church finances in a move that will ultimately give the government power over limiting pastors and preachers income, and putting regulations on charitable works?), out of our phone conversations (wiretapping FTW!) and out of our pocketbooks. 

You don’t have to go vote for the person I’m telling you to vote for, but I want to encourage you to stand and be counted during this important time.  We have Republican candidates who support abortion, increased government spending, increased taxes, increased debt, AND amnesty for illegal aliens invading our borders, endangering our roads, and taking our jobs!  These are not the stances that represent me…and probably don’t represent you.  So please, whomever you decide to vote for, get educated on your choices and what issues they support, and vote for the issues you want addressed during the next 4 years.  If we don’t turn out at the polls in February, we’ll end up with a president from either party who doesn’t support our beliefs.

Remember the date:  February 5th!  Register now

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