Ubuntu is installed

It didn’t take long at all.  I skeptically reburned my CD at a lower speed, not really expecting that to solve my problems…but apparently looks are not always deceiving.  The way-too-helpful error message was exactly right.  Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon installed quickly and easily.

Listen.  I can’t count the number of times I’ve formatted my hard drive and reinstalled Windows because my system got slow and buggy.  This was much easier to install than Windows.  I was a bit unsure of the partition options.  I had Suse 9 running on my system, and I wanted to wipe it out and start over.  I selected the option “Use entire hard drive,” but while naming partitions later, it almost appeared to be prepping a dual boot.  But, I trudged on through, determined to give Ubuntu’s user friendly claims a true test.  It did exactly what I had hoped, and totally wiped the hard drive.

I have installed a few programs (games and Bluefish), and it was so easy, I almost didn’t realize that it was done!  And I just can’t get over how well-polished and pretty the UI is.  I think Apple no longer has the monopoly on the “it just works” slogan.  Easy, beautiful…this is the new major player in the open source movement.

I have 2 main comments:

Education games – Tuxpaint is amazing…as are many of the other games that come automatically in the Edubuntu package.  My little girl will love it, and I’m really looking forward to playing those games with her.

Desktop vs Server edition – I’m pretty upset that the special and easy LAMP server package install is only available with the Server edition, which has no GUI be default.  So either way, you have to jump through hurdles to have both.  It seems that the apt-get command will make quick work of this issue with my desktop installation, but I still think it’s stupid to not include it as an option, since it’s the same base OS.  I’m sure I’m not the only standard desktop user who wants to install lamp, and the Ubuntu forums backs me up on that.  So what gives Gutsy Gibbon?  Why do I have to manually install those?  I could at least be an option in the super easy and awesome Add/Remove Programs.

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