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Ubuntu 7.10: Installation Attempt 1

Well, by the title, you can see that I did not succeed in my first installation attempt.  The installation CD is also a live CD.  Basically meaning that you can run Ubuntu totally off the CD, without installing on your hard drive.  I played with a few features in the live boot.  In short, Ubuntu is beautiful.  It looks like a third major OS, next to Windows and Mac.  It runs smoothly, and is easy enough for a first time or clueless computer user to use.  The installation instructions were in plain English.  Actually, I would say installation was easier than Windows…significantly so.  I believe that a total computer novice could install Ubuntu first time…given that it works right…
…which brings me to my first issue.  An easy to understand an informative error box popped up and explained that I had an error on my CD, that I should reburn it at a slower speed, or move my computer to a cooler area.  Huh?
My computer is cool enough, thank you.  I didn’t have the time to reburn the CD…I will try that.  This is the only negative thing I have to say about Ubuntu thus far.  It looks like an amazing OS, and I’m pretty excited to try out more.

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