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Sin in the Church – So What?

I’ve found myself, as I’ve progressed hastily through my mid and late 20’s, using the lamentation that many generations before me have used:  "Kids these days!"  And as a father myself, I must admit I’m scared to death of when my darling 3 year old girl hits the teens.  This little girl who clings on me when I leave for work, and can entice about anything in the world from me, no matter the cost, with a snuggle and a simple, "Daddy…please?" will soon be one of "those kids."  God help me.

I understand that the world is getting worse, and will more than likely continue to do so until Jesus returns, but I’m confident that there is a way to raise children to love God more than boys.  To understand and live in holiness.  To resist sin.  And to chop off any boy appendages that get too close to them.

While I believe that many a problem today comes about as the result of our hippy-trippy society that doesn’t teach respect of authority, I think that quite a bit of blame lies on us…christian parents, and the churches our children grow up in.
Perhaps we adults, we leaders in churches, are so eager to compromise our own convictions with worldliness that we have opened the floodgates of hell for our children.  Uh-oh…the reformists may start calling me puritanical here.  Should I calm down?  Seriously, though, I have faced more harsh rebuttals from church-going Christians for daring to criticize the first church of Harry Potter than from non-Christians.  And why?  Are we not all convinced that true witchcraft is wrong?  Would any of us skip with glee if our child came home with some candles and drew a pentagram in the living room and began chanting?  Can we not all agree that Satan is wiley, and often entices even our young people with things that seem fun and harmless, only to draw us deeper into sin that can devour our lives?  Think of Joe Camel, luring young kids to smoke.  It seems to me, that we "christians" are not only willing to compromise with the world, but jump at the chance to sell our own holiness, and our children out for something fun and "cool." 
One quick trip to any children’s or teens’ sunday school room will confirm what I’m alluding to.  There is little taught on sin in modern churches.  Even churches that have not embraced the damnable seeker-sensitive movement have still fallen prey to the seduction of compromise.  And I suppose it is quite difficult for an allegedly mature Christian to teach his or her sunday school about fleeing even the appearance of evil, when they are not willing to give up the sin in their own lives.
Unfortunately, children follow example much more often than teaching.  This has bred the atmosphere existent in many modern youth groups and churches… kids who believe it’s just fine to have sex before marriage, lie, cheat, drink, even do drugs…because they still believe in God.  Of course some of this comes from "teenage rebellion," but how much could be quieted if we bothered to sit down and explain sin, the consquences of sin, that we reap what we sow.  Yes, if you repent and come back to God, you will be forgiven, but you’ll never get back that part of your heart your lost with your virginity.  It will be quite some time before the people who know you from the bar will even listen to you witness about Jesus.  Sin takes…period.  And God’s forgiveness does not give you a free ticket out.
So, if you happen to read this, before you even comment to tell me how legalistic, or stupid, or close-minded I am, be open-minded enough to examine your own heart, your submission to God.  Get rid of sin in your life, and let’s redeem the next generation.  Let’s help teach them that there really is a difference between right and wrong.

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