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Pat Robertson shows true colors – 700 Club renamed 666 Club

It has taken me the better part of the day to pull my jaw back up off the ground, but I have gotten around to making a comment on this.  I’m flabbergasted.  Pat Robertson has thrown his endorsement behind Rudy Giuliani.
I’m no huge supporter of Pat Robertson…he’s had his share of looney moments, but I’ve always assumed him to be relatively harmless, and probably with his heart in the right place.  Apparently I was wrong.  I have to throw my support behind James Dobson, when he said that if Rudy wins the GOP nomination for 08, I will sit out an election, for the first time.  Robertson has typically been a staunch conservative…wasn’t it Robertson who claimed that God was going to destroy America soon, just a while back? 
I suppose he’s best known for…well…being well known.  I believe the current ABC Family cable channel used to be own by him.  I could be wrong.  Either way, he’s been on TV forever, and has done quite a bit of fund raising for missions work.  He’s well known and respected in his fair share of Christian circles…which makes this all the more dangerous for conservatives and Republicans as a whole.  Republicans largely sat out the last election, because they had left their conservative base. . . what were we supposed to vote for?  I want to vote AGAINST abortion…I want to vote AGAINST gay marriage.  Giuliani has his strong points on the war and national security…but I’m not going to base my vote on that.  We’re in Iraq.  We’ll be there for awhile longer.  There are tons more issues to discuss for the upcoming election.  Especially the things that Bush promised, but pooped out on.  Anyone remember tort reform?  Tax reform?  Social Security Reform?  All amazing ideas…but long since forgotten.
What is it that a Christian should support in Giuliani?  I can’t see anything.  Mike Huckabee seems to be the best bet, from a Christian perspective.  He’s not a front runner, but he could be quickly, if we would all have courage in our convictions and stand up for what’s right!

One thought on “Pat Robertson shows true colors – 700 Club renamed 666 Club

  1. My sentiments, exactly! What on earth is Robertson thinking? How can the war on Islamo-fascism be more important than the millions of lives that are being lost every year to abortion? I’ve always thought Robertson was a lunatic, but like you I thought he had is heart in the right place. Now I think he’s a dangerous lunatic. I’ve considered voting for Hillary in the next election to prevent Rudy from ruining the Republican party. If conservatives have to split into a third party we’ll never be able to accomplish anything politically again.

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