Monopolies: Bad. Monopoly by Milton Bradley: Good

My plans for setting up my own webserver hit a snag today.  According the Windstream’s pricing, a 1.5 mbps static IP connection should be $44.99 to 49.99.  But, I was quoted $54.99 with no discount for a 3 year contract.  3mbps would be a staggering $74.99!  Why?  Because I don’t have full phone service through the company.  I’m on something called a "green line plan" or some such nonsense, that basically means I have a phone number, but if I choose to use it, I get charged per call, but have no monthly fees for the line.  It’s basically unbundled DSL.  The way it should be. 
I am told today, however, that because of that, I’m going to get charged $10 more per month for a static IP address…just because they can.  Because where else am I going to go?  Our silly little backwoods phone company is the only high speed internet provider in town.  Here we see why monopolies are evil.  They just charge more because they can…what am I going to do, if I really need a static ip?  Pay it.  They know it.

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