Installation of PHPMyAdmin

I’m still working on my server, or soon to be server.  It seems to be working together smoothly.  I installed phpMyAdmin today.  Unfortunately, I still haven’t called and gotten my static IP from my ISP yet.  I had planned to do it today, but a false alarm with the lovely wife’s pregnancy took precedence.

So, phpMyAdmin is pretty nice.  It automates a lot of the setup of your databases from a web page interface, instead of the command line.  I’m always a fan of shifting anything to a GUI I can.

So, I used my old friend “apt-get,” which I am starting to love.

  • sudo apt-get phpmyadmin

Easy, huh?  It installs it for you, and gives you a dialog screen asking which version of Apache you are running.  I’m running apache2, so that’s what I selected.  I was pretty concerned that it wasn’t all going to work right, since for phpmyadmin to work, apache, php, and mysql all have to be installed properly.  It pulled right up by going to http://localhost/phpmyadmin.

At this point, my biggest concern is getting apache to work has a web server, and not just at localhost, once my static IP is working.

This project may get shelved for several days, soon, as our baby could be coming any day now.  I also have some major projects at work.  If time allows, I plan on getting my static IP assigned tomorrow, and taking a look at setting up my own email server.

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