I hate Windstream

Untitled They’ve officially gotten on my last nerve.  If you’re not familiar with Windstream, they’re basically the backwoods, redneck version of AT&T.  While I would love to continue my story of setting up my own server today, I cannot, because of Brad at Windstream.  Brad at Windstream, if you’re reading this, I hope the fleas of a thousand camels infest your armpits.

I called in to Windstream a couple of days ago, and spoke with this "Brad."  I was quoted the rates for a static IP, and said I would call back.  Today, I spoke with "Adam," another suspiciously common named person.  "Adam" said that since I had already spoken with "Brad," that I would need to have "Brad" sign me up, so he would get credit for the sale.  Several minutes on hold later, I was informed "Brad" was too busy to speak with me at the time, and would certainly call me back as soon as possible.

Apparently, "Brad" spent the rest of his day looking at porn and eating cheetos, because he never called me back.  I waited like a good docile customer, and eventually called back at 5:15…but the static IP folks work in the business department, not residential, so they go home at 5:00.  So…"Brad," if that’s your real name, you screwed me out of the first, and probably only, totally free weekend I’ve had in quite sometime.  I’m angry, "Brad."  I’m angry.

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  1. Well we are a wireless internet service provider that cover most of windstream’s coverage area.  Send me an email with where you live and maybe we can save you from windstream.

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