Blog Updates to be forthcoming

I am not, repeat NOT, pooping out on my bloggy duties.  I am actually working on what is turning into a lengthy post on Christianity and the Prosperity Gospel.  Being in the Financial Advisory business in the past, and of course being the Bible College drop-out that I am, I have a relatively well informed opinion on this topic.  I’m considering breaking it down into a series, because let’s be honest…you don’t read blogs because you have a long attention span.  If I have to scroll down, bloggers, it doesn’t get read. 
I have also been remarkably quiet, because "Brad" at Windstream said that it will take up to one week to get my static IP address.  So, I’m still sitting around with a partially installed LAMP server waiting to go live.  I’ll have more updates on both blog and tech fronts soon… hopefully.

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