New Ubuntu 7.10

I’m a Linux fan-boy wannabe.  And I’ve found a new version that I’m super excited about trying out.  I’ve been a dedicated user of Suse for years.  It’s actually the only distro I’ve ever installed.  But I’ve recently been hearing a lot about this Ubuntu stuff, and I’ve decided to give it a try.

I’m definitely not what one would call “adept” at anything to do with Linux…but I’ve recently been setting up my own webserver with apache, MySQL, and PHP.  So…since I’m not quite there yet, I’m scrapping all that I’ve done, and starting over in Ubuntu.  It looks like the friendly, Appley looking Linux distro that I always knew was out there.

So, I’m coming back out of the blogging hiatus to detail this process.  Starting with Ubuntu installation, and going right up to an all new limitless.com website and blog, served up from an old computer I threw together.

And I may even get back to blogging about the stuff that made me relatively popular…a few years ago.

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