The Inertia of Productivity

I am lazy.
There, I said it.  The first step to getting over something is to admit you have a problem, right?  It’s not really that I want to sit around on my bum all day and do nothing, it’s just that that’s what I’ve been doing, and getting started seems so easily . . . procrastinated.  Well, today, I finally got started, and it seems that nothing will stop my freight train of productivity.  It would lead me to believe that inertia applies to laziness as much as physics.  My body at rest, REALLY wants to stay at rest.  Others (my wife, for one) find themselves sitting with nothing to do and simply cannot WAIT to get up and do something.  She’ll tap her foot, wring her hands, and finally get up and clean the same flipping thing she cleaned 3 times yesterday, just to have something to do.  It’s and illness, I think.  We’re at rest, dang it!  STAY AT REST!!!
And God, if only osmosis worked the same way inertia does in these instances.  I’d never have to worry again.  I would literally suck the energy out of her until we were levelized and could enjoy free time and work times.
Good thing is, I suppose, that now that I’m moving, I just can’t quit.  Maybe I’ll end up like her . . . nah.

2 thoughts on “The Inertia of Productivity

  1. I just wanted to tell you that on your sex-change blog and this one there are a few type-o’s that I find rather disturbing. For example, …"you CAN change your XY chromosome"…. and "It’s and illness, I think." Now figure that out for me if you can, haha. Maybe you shouldn’t get so excited when you write Casey??

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