Boy-Girl-Boy-Girl . . . eh fuhgeddaboutit…

From the AP:

NYC rethinks gender rule: The Board of Health withdrew a proposal Tuesday that would have allowed people to alter the sex on their birth certificates without sex-change surgery. The plan would have put New York at the forefront of a movement to eliminate anatomical considerations when defining gender.

You have got to be kidding me.  What other definition of gender is there than anatomical differences?  Is this where we have come to as a nation?  Is this the state of our morality?  I can put on some lipstick and waltz into a women’s restroom because I just decide I’m a girl now? 

While this was brought up and dismissed with little notice, I predict that it will be the next great debate on sexuality.  Liberalism has already quieted the morality of America with the "if it feels good, do it" mentality.  Now we should redefine gender on how feminine or masculine people "feel."  Let’s just forget about the ethics of sex-change surgery.  Listen up sex-change wannabe’s…you were born the way you are.  Deal with it.  You’re not a girl deep on the inside, if you have guy parts.  Even after the surgery, you’re still a man.  You can’t change your XY chromosomes.  In the words of that crazy bald shrew from the 80’s "STOP THE INSANITY!"

Or maybe I should call her a shrew… maybe she whited out the F on her birth certificate and wrote in M and now she’s  man.  If we can’t legislate morality (or so the first church of liberalism says), we can’t legislate gender.  If I change my M to an F on my birth certificate, does that mean I can go to the women’s locker room?  To an all female prison?  To join the girls in the shower in the army?  Heck…how many single guys would take advantage of that?  Sorry, I don’t mean to be crass…but it’s something to think about.

Hmm . . . I don’t think I’m feeling particularly human today, anyway.  I think I’m gonna change my birth certificate to say I’m a llama.

2 thoughts on “Boy-Girl-Boy-Girl . . . eh fuhgeddaboutit…

  1. AMEN to this post, brother!  I agree with you 100%  You might get a kick out of my posts on "America’s Got Talent."  Sounds like your blog is really taking a stand for what’s right!  That’s awesome.  I wish I could subscribe to get your posts delivered to me by email.  I signed up for hotmail just so I could comment on your blog, even though I’ll never use my email address there.

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