An Open Letter to Mark Pryor

I recently received a survey request from Mark Pryor asking for opinions on things such as Iraq, National Security, an minimum wage.  I was hesitant to answer several questions because they seemed unfairly skewed.  For instance, one question was, "Do you believe we are on the right track in Iraq?"  Well… things aren’t getting any better there.  It’s an obvious no.  But I don’t believe we’re wrong for being there.  I don’t believe we’re on the wrong track.  I think we’re on the right track, we’re just going about it in a wrong and ineffective way.  I, for one, am pretty darn excited about new leadership at the DOD.  The next question was whether or not we should get neighboring countries to help rebuild Iraq.  Sure!  But what neighbors are you talking about?  Here’s the letter:
Dear Senator Pryor,
I want to thank you for your survey that I recently filled out.  I trust that you will take to heart what your constituents tell you regarding future policies.  I would like to make a minor complaint about the survey though.  I believe that you answers are being unfairly skewed towards responses that you want to hear on a few points.  Most notably in regards to Iraq.  For instance, is it not possible to believe that we are on the right track in Iraq, but that we’re doing it the wrong way?  I do not want to say we are handling Iraq correctly, because I don’t believe we are.  But I don’t think we’re totally on the wrong track either.  I do want you to know that I do not support any immediate plans on withdrawal.
I also think that anyone would be a fool to say that they did not wish for neighboring countries to help rebuild Iraq and reform it.  But I know that the inclusion of Syria and Iran are hot button issues right now, and I believe that is what you are referring to.  Senator Pryor, please know that we can not deal with nations who harbor terrorists within their countries, and who fund terrorist organizations.  Especially not Iran, who has been developing nuclear weapons and who has vowed to destroy our ally, Israel.
That being said, I would hope that the less extreme countries in the region, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the UAE, and Jordan would be encouraged by our leadership to join in the reformation of the Iraqi government and economic system.
Again, Mr. Pryor, I thank you for your service to our state, and your willingness to listen to the voters.  I am praying for you.
And there you have it.  I’d like to encourage everyone to take this survey.  It was only sent out to recipients of his mailing list, which I doubt includes many conservative voices.  Even though he’s a libby, he’s still OUR representative.  He’s a servant of the people.  Let us all make our voice heard!

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