On College and Careers

So, tonight began the new Young Adults class at our church.  Of course, this would more commonly be referred to as a College and Career’s class…but only one of us is in college, and you can’t just call it "Careers". . . because that wouldn’t make much sense, would it?  I think it went relatively well.  We had 5 people.
I’ve noticed a disturbing trend in our church, that I believe is indicative of the body of Christ as a whole…we 20-somethings are the forgotten generation.  I’ve also noticed what I believe is probably a nation-wide macrotrend of 20-somethings being the largest group of church visitors.  I think it’s probably really hard to come out of the world and to give up all your friends and go from partying every night to being a virtual recluse who pokes their head out on Sundays and Wednesdays.  It’s quite rare, in my view, to find a ministry focusing on this age group.  I’m so excited for the honor of starting this one at our church.  It’s obvious that my generation is seeking something…or we wouldn’t be such prolific church visitors…maybe we can start showing them what they’re looking for.  Discuss:

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