Dear Santa, I want one of these:

I just finished drying my keyboard after salivating all over it whilst viewing this beautiful piece of machinery.  I have been secretly lusting after a tablet PC for quite some time.  I’ve always  wanted a slate though, and there have been blessed few updates to that form factor for quite some time.  This baby rawks with U2500 procs, 4GB max RAM, 100GB SATA HDD, WiFi, gigabit Ethernet, Bluetooth, Firewire, PCMCIA slot, AND Apple’s shock sensing tech for the hard drive!  It coulda woulda shoulda had a ATI or Nvidia mobile graphics proc…but hey, we’re being nitpicky, I’m not gonna fire of City of Heroes or Star Wars Galaxies on this thing. 

So…just in case you’re wondering what to buy me for Christmas this year, AND you have $2,429 in your Christmas budget…this is EXACTLY what I’m looking for.

(Author’s Note:  Please excuse my superfluous use of the fanboy word, "rawk."  I just can’t help myself.)

2 thoughts on “Dear Santa, I want one of these:

  1. that was incredibly  boring and me and jessi already got you and michelle a present so sorry. anyways bout your thing on the christian school I have a few small peices on information for you to add to your list thingy. 1. Abiding Faith is a spiritual waste land, in more ways than one. It is alot harder to witness there and there is witnessing to be done but there are those christians that go there and are great. 2. Most of my teachers are certified and having been to top notch schools in MO, I can honestly say there isnt a large difference int the curriculumn of the schools. It is the practically the same information, its just in a different, Christian format, the only way that AFCS is not as good as crossett is because they have less resources, basically. And I doubt that helped, but I just thought you should know. I dont think I am sacrificing a good learning environment going there, but i wouldnt care if I was cause God wants me there.

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