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I’ve been exposed to this awesome ministry over the last few months, and I’ve just fallen in love with it.  I don’t know that I’ve ever seen more freedom in a youth group before.  And I must say, it’s not just for the youth…although it is geared towards them.  Damon Thompson typically preaches at Ramp conferences, and while I’ve never been to one, I’ve enjoyed what I’ve seen on TV. 
The Ramp is the home of Chosen Generation, a group of teens and 20-somethings who do dramas.  I’m typically not a drama fan, but I’ve not seen one of theirs that looks cheesy, or that isn’t anointed.  I want to encourage you to check it out at The Ramp or at Karen Wheaton Ministries.  The youth group at my church has gone to one of their meetings before, and I believe I’ll be travelling along, despite my advanced age, on the next trip to Texarkana.  Let me know what you think!

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  1. I disagree. What I have seen on “The Ramp” is a group of very angry and disturbed teens who have been made to feel very bad about themselves and terrorized by Christian youth ministers. There is very little about the love of Christ, the healing and forgiveness, but very many allusions to war, to violence, to militancy, to hell and to sin. Young people, in my experience, who have been addicted to booze or drugs or involved in promiscuous sex can achieve far more freedom and actual change in their lives through the twelve step groups which offer a spiritual program of reformation, and which can teach them to live in this society to do actual good for others, by living as examples of what the spiritual life, and the God that we witness as our “Higher Power”, can do for even the most disturbed and troubled among us. What Karen Wheaton seems to preach carries a buried political agenda and a Christian activist agenda that militates against anyone who has differing beliefs. We find that this dogmatic attitude does more harm in society than good, witness the constant strife in countries where militant Muslim groups clash with Hindus, (India) and even with other sects of Islam. We need less of this kind of thinking, and more love and acceptance. The ways of militancy, violence, the absolutism that pretends all people and situations are either all good or all bad—surely no loving Creator god would have his children hating each other for their disparate beliefs. These children of the Ramp are being led astray, and false prophets who make it a business to delude them will someday pay a high price. as indeed, our country is now paying a high price, for the delusions of a so-called “Chrisitan” presidency and his horrific agenda, which was apparently to destroy this country and start an Armageddon like war in the Middle East in the name of fighting terrorism.

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